Plenary Session I

Presentation 1 - Does Inflation Expectations Matter for a Small Open Economy? Evidence from Solomon Islands. Presentation 2 - Foreign Exchange Shortage in PNG: Is devaluation an option? Presentation 3 - Interest Rate Pass Through in Fiji Plenary Session II

Presentation 1 - Fixing the Roof while the sun is shining: An assessment of fiji's Fiscal Outlook & Debt Sustainability Presentation 2 - Debt growth nexus: The case for Solomon Islands Presentation 3 - Estimating an aggregate import demand function for PNG
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Presentation 4 - Estimating potential GDP
Presentation 5 - Nowcasting GDP using machine learning [RBNZ]

Plenary Session III

Presentation 1 - Financial integration in the South Pacific [RBF] Presentation 2 - Technical efficiency using distance SFA of banking institutions in a Pacific Island country: Empirical analysis [RBF] Presentation 3 - Banking reforms and performance in PICs, the case of SLB [CBSI] Presentation 4 - Developing Fiji's microfinance sector: some policy implications
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Presentation 5 - State-owned banks in the South Pacific: Performance and contribution to financial sector development [ADB]
Plenary Session IV

Presentation 1 - Depth, outreach, stability and efficiency of Vanuatu's financial system on a global scale Presentation 2 - Financial and socio-economic development in Fiji: some stylized facts Presenation 3 - Financial inclusion in Vanuatu

Presentation 4 - Depth and efficiency of Solomon Islands banking sector on a global scale
Presentation 5 - Financial inclusion in PNG

Presentation 6 - Developments in correspondent banking in the South Pacific

Plenary Session V

Presentation 1 - Determinants of private sector growth in Vanuatu Presentation 2 - Remittances in Fiji Presentation 3 - Determinants of private sector credit in PNG
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Presentation 4 - Strengthening Pacific retirement funds: Achoring social protection in good finance

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